I love the smell of rain on pavment and the tingle of goosebumps
Q: You gay?


asked by Anonymous
Q: Yo so can we snap you even if we don't know you?


asked by Anonymous
Q: I know you want it, I want it too, I think your adorable and would be an amazing person to get to know, but they're are too many things standing in our way :(

yes, like your grey face, and the fact you never take off your sunglasses

asked by Anonymous
Q: Can I add you on snapchat? :) (in a non-creepy way.)

yeah it’s patt_call

asked by g-beeee
Q: If I was your boyfriend, I would kiss you every chance I could, show you how much I care about you, every little moment is special, you cutie :)


asked by Anonymous
Q: Tumblr: land where grey people in glasses only care about your dick size.

or how many guys you’ve fucked

asked by ivanhattori
Q: have you kissed a cute boy?

I’ve only ever kissed one boy

asked by Anonymous
Q: One time you posted about being bored and wanting people to add you on snapchat. so I added you and when you snapped back I was in shock at how beautiful you are and I felt too ugly to snapchat back.

Awh haha and no guys I’m interested seem to think that haha

asked by penisdentures